Photo-a-Day: Intuition

Photo-a-DayI wrote yesterday about the double bind. Today, I’m writing about what gets us (me) out of the double bind: intuition.

This is a photo of a place I knew I intuitively needed to be. Months ago–before this space even looked this nice–I knew I needed to be here. I knew I wanted and needed to be a part of this space and what was happening here.

When I have an intuitive experience, it’s as if everything inside of me says, “YES.” It’s a cosmic hum, an expansive, a-temporal YES that seeps through me. It’s the experience of having something resonate. What is it like for you? Something kind of like that? Something different?

On the one hand, it’s very easy to trust this expansive, a-temporal YES. It’s very easy to recognize my intuition and to go with it. Trusting my inner wisdom feels safe. Noticing when something resonates with us just feels good!

On the other hand….what the hell are we supposed to do with our intuition? How do we take this “feeling” inside of us, this great cosmic hum, and do anything? How we do conduct our day-to-day affairs in light of what we intuitively “know”? If I “know,” I’m supposed to be in this space, then how do I earn the money to be in this space and make everything turn out all nice and tidy?

Well, that is certainly enough rhetorical questions for one evening.


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