Photo-a-Day: Two for One Journey

Photo-A-DayOk, so the weekends clearly are going to be hard for me. It’s not the photo part that’s hard; it’s the writing. To make up for my tardiness I’m offering two for the price of one here.

At the risk of sounding completely cliched, this two photos remind me of journeys, in part because it was something of a journey to capture these images.

We spent part of Saturday exploring the Eden Park area of Cincinnati. After taking in some views of the Ohio River, we discovered a trail that led from one picnic area to another. The trail was secluded and wooded, which made it seems a bit mystical to me. We played around with taking photos of the gnarled roots, stone steps, and wind-swept trees. My partner changed some settings on the camera and captured the below image. I like the contrast in this photo because I think it represents the paradox of journeying–trekking into darkness because the possibility of light might be there.


Photo Credit: Andrea L. Rotter

I also like this photo because it feels Kurosawa-esque (I’ve taught Rashomon a million times, so it’s hard to see the trees filtering the sun and not think of his camera work.)

As for the first photo, I found that on the edge of a mural in a nearby neighborhood. I don’t know if the fish are supposed to be salmon, going home to spawn (they don’t really look like salmon unless maybe they are chinook?). Whatever it is, the fish are in some kind of motion, and again, it was something a journey to find and capture this exact image. I had to practice looking.


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