Photo-a-Day: Guns and Guitars

Photo-A-DayOk, so I’m late on this post, which is a bummer. I was all ready yesterday evening to post and then I got distracted watching a movie and forgot. So, here goes, May 24th’s photo.

Let’s face it: the world needs more guitars than guns and more guitars than even watches or TVs. I’ve been thinking a lot about guitars lately, namely mine. I need to play it. Right now, it sits propped against the wall, watching me. Occasionally, I bump into it or Scout bumps into it, and I hear the deep resonant sound. And I miss it. I’m not sure why I don’t play it other than I’m not that good and that frustrates me.

I’ve also been thinking lately about breath, the foundation of music and of all our energies. Guess what? I don’t do enough breathing either. Why is is that we know we want to do something but we balk? In Gestalt therapy, it’s important to examine how we benefit from not changing (in other words, we need to be curious about our resistance rather than railroad through it in pursuit of some distant future).

On another subject, I’m sure there’s something really smart I could say here about the politics of lending, gentrification, and maybe even class warfare. But instead, I talked about how much I miss my guitar.


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