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Photo-A-Day: Breaking Bread

Photo-A-DayAs you know I’ve been out of the country on a work trip–I was in Brazil. And this is what I have to show for my trip: a picture of a fondue restaurant. Chateau de Something-or-Another. I know, fondue in Brazil? Believe it.

(I did enjoy some more traditional Brazilian food like churrascaria. That’s a story from another time.)

After a long day of intense facilitating, my colleagues and I headed into town to check out this restaurant. It had come highly recommended by a local. Not only was the food amazing–there was a cheese course, a meat course, and a chocolate course–the camaraderie exceeded all expectations.

4 hours. That’s how long our dinner lasted. Granted, fondue requires a lot of focus and attention. One cannot mindlessly chat and eat when dealing with bubbling cheese and scalding oil or hot stones. While paying attention to our food, we paid attention to each other. How often do we do either in whirlwind, multi-tasking culture?

I value connecting with people, “breaking bread” as it were, and being mindful. Yet, even though I value these things I don’t always practice them very well. Sometimes I think that’s what being an adult is about–managing our inconsistencies, trying to match our values with our actions. Somehow, this seemed so much easier as a child. Now I know fondue can help me.


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