Photo-A-Day: Away

Photo-A-DayLike my still life with passport, Freire, and Boal? Tomorrow I’m leaving the States for almost a week in Brazil and I don’t anticipate blogging much. It’s a work trip with some really fun colleagues and with a little time for sight-seeing. I don’t think I’ll be near the protests. But I will be near some waterfalls.

Today, like this whole week, like this whole month, has been a whirlwind and I am exhausted. So, I’m not going to say much. I arranged this silly little still life because these two thinkers–Freire and Boal–really interest me. (I’m fortunate that some of the work I do actually involves their methods.) With all the stress and headache of getting ready to leave the country whizzing around me, I wanted to take a moment–a very brief, half-conscious moment–to acknowledge some of the possible meanings around this trip.

Let me put it another way: I’m going to spend my time on the 9-hour flight writing, thinking, and reflecting on how to put of Freire and Boal’s ideas into practice in my life.

When I return, I promise lots of pictures. Stay tuned. And, thank you, as always.


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