Photo-a-Day: Sweet Ride


Photo Credit: Andrea L. Rotter

First of all, please accept my apologies for being away from the photo-a-day project. It’s more like photo-a-week. I was traveling for work and then visiting some family. Time got away from me.

To make up for my negligence, today I offer you two photos. My partner has gotten into this project, so she snapped these two pics with her phone on her way home from a meeting this afternoon.

I wish I could have seen this with my own eyes. This looks like one sweet ride. In the first photo, you’ll notice that this enterprising young man has jury-rigged an easy chair to his bike. In the second photo, you’ll see that his dog is riding in the easy chair. Now, that’s the way to do it.


Photo Credit: Andrea L. Rotter

This is what I love about cities: people doing it their way. Even in a seemingly ho-hum place like Cincinnati, there are sights like this–an easy chair, a bike, and a dog, all together. Sometimes I wish to live my life out in nature, way out, in a desolate, open place. But I know I would miss things like this.

I appreciate how much ingenuity this “dog seat” must have required. It’s also a helpful reminder to work with what we have at hand. And always remember the dog.


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