Photo-a-Day: Dirty Preference

20130603-190043.jpgToday was lucky. A couple of opportunities that I was not expecting (either because I simply wasn’t expecting it or because I thought the window of opportunity had shut tight) made themselves known to me. This is a good thing (these are work opportunities, I should say, but good work, the kind you want to do).
Yet, these opportunities required some good ol’ immediate attention. So my day was spent hurriedly “doing things.” I had planned to give the yard so TLC, hence the dirty shirt I’m wearing. That didn’t happen because I was doing things in advance of these opportunities.
I prefer to be dirty. This isn’t exactly the kind of thing you announce at a cocktail party or networking event. And it’s true. I like to be outside, dirty, working in the yard.
The garden needs to be weeded, the soil desperately needs some compost, flowers need watering, vegetables need planting, fruit needs picking. Heck, even the grass needs cutting. And the hedges definitely need a trim. I so wanted to be outside doing all that today and I know I’m lucky to even be able to plan my day that way.
So, tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will be out there, getting dirty, letting my opportunities gestate.


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